And what flexibility do they offer me?


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While many RCI® subscribing members are familiar with some of the more common ways of managing their Points – such as Saving and Borrowing – there are a couple of other ways in which you can enjoy the flexibility of the RCI Points® program.

What is Renting Points?

You may “rent” Points if you don’t have enough Points for your desired vacation, and you don’t wish to Borrow Points from your next use year. For example:

Days prior to check-in date vs Percentage pf points value received

By Renting Points, you can expand the range of Exchange Vacations available to you, and take trips for which you may otherwise have had insufficient points – without depleting your next Use Year’s Points balance!

How do I Rent Points?

Renting Points is easy! Once you’ve chosen your Exchange Vacation on, as you check out you will be prompted to either Rent or Borrow Points to make up any shortfall. Similarly, if you call RCI, simply tell your vacation guide that you would like to Rent points to complete your vacation booking. You can rent up to 50% of your annual Points allocation to complete a transaction.*

What is Transferring Points?

You may transfer your Points to a fellow RCI Points member. So, if you have Points which you know you will be unable to use before they expire, or have a friend or family member who needs extra Points to complete a transaction, you can Transfer Points from your account to theirs. You can transfer an allotment of Points from your account to theirs for the standard Points Transfer fee. RCI Platinum® members who are RCI Points members can transfer an allotment of points without paying the Points Transfer fee.

Days prior to check-in date vs Percentage pf points value received

How do I Transfer Points?

To Transfer Points to another member, simply call an RCI vacation guide at 1-877-968-7476. Please note that there are some restrictions, and not all members are eligible to transfer Points or accept transferred Points. Please call an RCI vacation guide for specific details.

Something to Note! – Remember – it’s important to understand all the flexible ways you
can manage your Points! Besides Renting and Transferring Points, understanding Saving, Borrowing and Extending Points is the key to making sure you’re really getting the most
from your RCI subscribing membership!

* The rental rate and the Renting Points feature may change from time to time without notice. Your ability to rent Points will depend on the availability of vacations in the RCI Points  program. Rented Points may only be used in the current Use Year and cannot be saved or transferred.