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What is Points for Deposit?

Points for Deposit allows RCI Points® subscribing members, who also own an eligible* week at an RCI Weeks affiliated resort, to deposit that week with RCI and receive Points for that deposit. They can then use those Points in the RCI Points exchange program.

By combining your ownerships in this way, you can increase your Points balance and benefit even more from the flexibility of the RCI Points program, opening up possibilities for stays at resorts for which you may otherwise have had insufficient Points, longer trips, or even more trips!

Even if your week is already deposited in the RCI Weeks exchange program, if it is eligible for Points for Deposit, you can still take advantage of this program.

How many Points will I receive for my eligible Week?

The number of Points that you will receive depends on various factors such as unit size, resort quality, season and location. The timing of the deposit is also a key factor:

Days prior to check-in date vs Percentage pf points value received

The Points you receive for your week will be allocated to the Use Year in which the start date of the week you are depositing falls, and it can take up to 15 days for the Points to be deposited into your account.

How much is the Points for Deposit fee?

The fee for Points for Deposit is $26USD per Week deposited.

How do I do it?

Currently, Points for Deposit is not available on RCI.com, so please call 1-877-968-7476 for further details and to take advantage of this great benefit!

Something to Note! – You can convert up to four eligible weeks per resort per calendar year to Points through the Points for Deposit program!

* Not all Weeks deposits are eligible for the Points for Deposit program.