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In addition to offering you enhanced vacation benefits, RCI Platinum membership provides you with great savings throughout the year – whether you are on vacation or not! And now you can earn and redeem Travel Rewards on select everyday purchases – read on for more information…

What are Travel Rewards?

RCI Platinum members can earn Travel Rewards on Lifestyle Benefits – many of which can be used your-round . It's another way that RCI Platinum membership can help pay for itself. When you use the new RCI Platinum Benefits at home and on vacation, you earn Travel Rewards, which can easily add up to more than the cost of the RCI Platinum membership fee. Earn Travel Rewards on select transactions and everyday purchases when you use many of the RCI Platinum Benefits like Spa, Golf, Ski, Shopping, Wine and Box Office tickets.

Travel Rewards are added to your account and can be used as you would use cash toward future transactions. One Travel Reward is equal to $1USD and they can be redeemed on RCI Platinum Lifestyle benefits (including Spa, Wine, Box Office, Golf, Shopping and Vacation Packages) and RCI Travel transactions (including flights, car rental and hotel bookings).

Enjoy more value – everyday!

With RCI Platinum membership, it's easy to enjoy great benefits year round, including free $25USD Restaurant.com certificates, online golf tee times, access to an online wine store, box office benefits, and much more!

Every month, as an RCI Platinum member, you'll receive a complimentary $25USD Restaurant.com certificate that is redeemable at over 18,000 restaurants. It nearly pays for your RCI Platinum membership in two months!

With the Golf benefit, you'll enjoy online tee time reservations at over 3,000 daily fee golf courses nationwide, backed by a Best Rate Guarantee. RCI Platinum members also have access to the online Wine store, which offers unique wines from hundreds of wineries including well-known and highly-rated boutique vineyards. These direct-to-winery relationships provide access to vintages not available to the general public. Wines are available for home or gift delivery, and volume discounts are also available—all covered by the Best Rate Guarantee.

The Spa benefit lets you purchase Spa Certificates which can be used for treatments and services – like relaxing massages, facials, and fine beauty products - at over 7,000 spas and wellness practitioners around the globe. With Box Office you can browse a wide range of popular Live Events online including sports, concerts and theater, including "sold out" shows – then simply call to confirm availability and book.

Don't forget – with each of the benefits above, you have the chance to earn Travel Rewards which you'll soon see mount up in your account, ready to be redeemed towards future transactions!

All your RCI Platinum program benefits are very easy to access, too – as an RCI Platinum member, simply navigate to the RCI Platinum section of RCI.com, and you'll find everything you need to take advantage of all your RCI Platinum benefits.

Something to Note! – Most RCI Points subscribing members can upgrade to RCI Points Platinum membership at any time during their Use Year! Contact RCI to start enjoying the benefits of RCI Platinum membership today!

1 Available to RCI Subscribing Members only, certain restrictions may apply. For more information call (888) 833-1336.

2 The RCI Shopping Perks program is operated by Cartera Commerce, Inc

3 Certain third party benefits may not be available outside the United States. RCI does not warrant the suitability or security of such benefits or the providers of such benefits. Information about such benefits is based on information obtained from the applicable providers. RCI is not responsible for, and shall have no liability for any inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information regarding products or services that are not provided directly by RCI. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply to any such benefit, as determined solely by the applicable provider, and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the provider.

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