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Understanding your RCI Points® account is the only way to effectively manage your Points balance, and really get the most from your subscribing membership.

In the Account Details section of RCI.com, you can keep your account details up-to-date, and find lots information to help you keep track of your Points. You can see your current Points balance, your annual Points allocation, details of your Use Year, the date on which Saved and Extended Points will expire, and much more.

Below is the grid which you will find in the Account Details section on RCI.com. Simply click on the Question Mark next to each item in the grid for an explanation…

Subscribing Member ID 1-1234567

This is your unique RCI Member ID – effectively your account number.

Membership Type... Platinum

RCI Points PlatinumSM member or a standard RCI Points member? Most members have the opportunity to upgrade to RCI Points Platinum membership—the highest level of RCI Points membership!

Paid Through Date... July 31, 2015

The date through which you have currently paid your annual subscribing membership dues.

Membership Term Expiration Date... July 31, 2016

The date your RCI contract expires may not be the same as your Paid Through Date. In most cases, new RCI members agree to cede their inventory to RCI for three years (this is the length of the term). Similarly, when you renew your RCI membership, if you are at the end of your term, the term will usually be extended by another three years.

Use Year Dates... August 01, 2013 / July 31, 2014

The dates that your current Use Year starts and ends. Remember, your Use Year is a recurring 12-month period, which starts at the beginning of the same month every year.

Unused Saved Points Will Expire*... July 31, 2014

The date that any remaining saved or extended Points from your last Use Year will expire if they are not used or extended.

Current Use Year... 2013

Your current Use Year is dated according to the year in which it starts. So, if your Use Year begins on August 1, 2010, your Use Year is 2010, even though it ends July 31, 2011.

2013 Annual Points Allocation... 80,000

The amount of Points you were allocated for the current Use Year, based on your ownership(s).

Current Use Year Balance... 50,000

The running total of your current Use Year’s Points balance. For example, if you saved 20,000 Points from your previous Use Year, received an allocation of 80,000 Points at the start of your current Use Year, then exchanged 50,000 Points for a vacation, your current Use Year balance would total 50,000.

2014 Use Year Balance 80,000

The number of Points that are available in your next Use Year. Provided that you have paid your annual dues for your next Use Year, you may borrow these Points into your current Use Year, or exchange them to schedule travel in your next Use Year.

You may borrow from your 2014 Use Year Balance.

Something to Note! – To help you keep on top of your Points, most activity on your account will be reflected on your Account summary immediately!