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As an RCI Points Subscribing Member, you have access to many member-only benefits! The following information details the various fees that are associated with your membership benefits, and shows if the fee is lower online, compared to if you book via an RCI Guide.

Usually on an annual basis, you will also pay a maintenance fee, which is used toward the operation and upkeep of the resort at which you own. This is not a fee which is collected by RCI - you pay your resort directly.

RCI Points Fees effective January 1, 2016

  • Annual RCI Points® Subscription Fees

    1 YR     $124
    2 YRS     $229
    3 YRS     $321
    4 YRS     $409
    5 YRS     $499
    RCI Points Platinum® 1 Yr     $69
    RCI Points Platinum® 2 Yrs     $120
    RCI Points Platinum® 3 Yrs     $171
    RCI Points Platinum® 4 Yrs     $216
    RCI Points Platinum® 5 Yrs     $250
  • Exchange Vacations

    *Reservation Windows
    Home Week: 12-13 months in advance
    Home Resort: 11-12 months in advance
    Home Group: 10-11 months in advance

    USD (RCI.com) USD (call center)
    Home Week Reservation (7 Nights) No Charge No Charge
    Home Resort Reservation (7 Nights) $40 $50
    RCI Points Reservation 14 nights + $268 $278
    RCI Points Reservation 7 – 13 Nights $169 $179
    RCI Points Reservation 6 Nights $159 $169
    RCI Points Reservation 5 Nights $139 $149
    RCI Points Reservation 4 Nights $99 $109
    RCI Points Reservation 3 Nights $79 $89
    RCI Points Reservation 2 Nights $59 $69
    RCI Points Reservation 1 Nights $39 $49
    RCI Weeks Reservation (7 Nights) $219 $229
  • Last CallSM Vacations and RCI Cruise

      USD (H/S) USD (1BR) USD (2BR)
    Last Call- Call Center / RCI.com $269 $294 $319
    Cruise Exchange - 20,000 Points $129    
    Cruise Exchange - 40,000 Points $229    
  • RCI Points Partner Program

        USD (RCI.com) USD (call center)
    Air (per ticket) $25 $52
    Car (per car)   $25 $52
    Entertainment (per ticket/pass) $25 $39
    Hotels (per room)   $25 $52
  • Managing Your Points

    Points Saving Fee $26
    Points Extension Fee
    Less than 30,000 Points
    Points Extension Fee
    30,000 Points and above
    Points Rental Fee (Per Point) $0.02
    Points for Deposit Fee $26
  • RCI Points Protection

    RCI Points Protection: 1-2 nights $39
    RCI Points Protection: 3-4 nights $49
    RCI Points Protection: 5+ nights $59
    Unit Upgrades and Changes $49
  • Miscellaneous Fees

    Guest Certificates $69
    Membership Transfer Application (MTA) $98
    Duplicate Points Directory (S&H)

Something to Note! - For a lot of transactions, including Exchange Vacations and Extra VacationsSM getaways, you'll find our best prices on RCI.com!

RCI fees are subject to change at RCI's sole discretion. For complete details of RCI subscribing membership, including RCI's cancellation policy, please consult the Terms and Conditions of RCI Points® Subscribing Membership.

*These services for RCI subscribing members residing in Canada are provided by RCI Canada ULC. The listed fees for Canadian members include GST/HST as applicable to such member's Province of residence. The GST/HST rate for each Canadian Province, effective July 1, 2010 is as follows: BC - 12%; ON, NB and NF - 13%; NS - 15%; All other Provinces and Territories - 5%.

† Network Dues and/or an enrollment fee may be required in addition to the MTA processing fee.