Pagosa Springs Colorado 2002Shelia - West Monroe, LA

Pagosa Springs Colorado 2002

"30 years ago my mother-in-law, who loves to travel, bought a vacation week in Hot Springs, Arkansas. For all these years our entire family (which numbers 42 now) has enjoyed using RCI to exchange our week for vacation spots around the country. We have enjoyed the New Orleans World's Fair in 1982, Niagara Falls, winter skiing in Massanutten, Virginia, Disney World (for the grandkids) many times, and I could go on and on (30 times to be exact)! Our most memorable vacation was 8 years ago in Pagosa Springs/Durango/Silverton Colorado when she and 14 of her kids and grandkids rode horseback (Astraddle a Saddle) up the mountain trail. We have a family memory (captured in pictures) that will last many lifetimes!! My mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago but every child and grandchild was able to recall and share pictures of 30 years of wonderful family vacations together. When she took that ride on horseback, she was 74 and would not be outdone because of her years. She was 82 when she passed away two weeks ago. She saw all 50 of the United States in her travels with RCI and has the plate (one from every state) to prove it!! We've been everywhere, man, we've been everywhere!!"

Shelia - West Monroe, LA

Hawaii 2007Kristy - Southport, IN

Hawaii 2007

"After my husband returned from serving in Iraq, he told me that we should go to Hawaii to renew our wedding vows. Our original plan had been to get married in Hawaii, but we decided it would be too difficult for our family to join there. To accommodate our parents, we celebrated our special day closer to home. I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii to have a special moment on the beach one-on-one with my husband to exchange our wedding vows, so I was thrilled at a second opportunity to fulfill my wedding dream. We exchanged a week at our home resort for a week at Pono Kai. Kapa'a was a lovely small town to use as our home base. The food on Kauai was magnificent and the views were breathtaking. We spent hours driving around, exploring the island. My husband is a huge movie and TV buff, so we especially enjoyed our movie tour of the island. Thank you, RCI, for allowing us to have a second wedding and honeymoon getaway to remember."

Kristy - Southport, IN

First ExperienceJames - Fresh Meadows, NY

First Experience

"The first time we ever used RCI, we were extremely nervous. Worried that the 1 vacation we wait desperately for all year would maybe be ruined. Well, let me tell you we were soooo pleasantly surprised! The RCI booking was effortless, and a pleasure. As far as the accommodations...they were incredible. Our mouths dropped open in disbelief when we saw the resort and the room! Thought someone made a mistake on our unit, and we weren't telling. There was no mistake as we found out year after year. I don't know how anyone could stay in a regular hotel room ever again...We won't."

James - Fresh Meadows, NY

Florida Trip 2008Richard - Haines City, FL

Florida Trip 2008

"One day while we were viewing RCI's Extra Vacations we came across a wonderful deal (as always). It was at Ventura Resort in Boca Raton, FL. We had a few that we were interested in and wrote them down with their number and price. As we went along we came to the deal of the day (or year). We found this 2 story, 3-bdrm, 3-ba, 2 balconies, indoor atrium, all the amenities, across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, huge pool on site. Beautiful place!!!! 2 other couples went with us and we had a fabulous time, and at a price you can't beat!! You just never know what you might find when you visit RCI's website and spend a half hour in a pleasant search."

Richard - Haines City, FL

Christmas Mountain VillagePaul – Faribault, MN

Christmas Mountain Village

"Back when I was quite young I attended a timeshare presentation while at the Wisconsin Dells. Because of the wonderful resort I was shown I decided to go ahead and purchase a flex week - now some 23 years later, we are delighted to have traveled worldwide, including Venezuela and Hawaii, using this flex week from Christmas Mountain in the Wisconsin Dells. During those 23 years we have only stayed at our home resort once! Each and every resort has been absolutely wonderful - thank you RCI!"

Paul – Faribault, MN

Joining RCI Has Been Life-Changing!!Michael - Pittsburg, CA

Joining RCI Has Been Life-Changing!!

Since my wife and I have been with RCI we've had the greatest vacations. We traded once for a two bedroom unit in Phuket, Thailand. We've had a chance to stay at wonderful once-in-a-lifetime resorts in Mexico, and we've been able to send family and friends to great locations as well. We just love RCI!!! Joining RCI has been life changing!!"

Michael - Pittsburg, CA

Honeymoon Surprise 2006Matt – Loveland, OH

Honeymoon Surprise 2006

"In September 2006, I married the love of my life. I wanted to take her on the trip of her dreams. I used my RCI points to take her to the Greek Isles on a Mediterranean cruise. However, I did not tell her the whole truth about where I was taking her. I told her it was a nice place just outside of Pittsburgh called the Beach Mountain Resort. She was okay with that, and was excited to go. But she mentioned a year before how she always wanted to go to Greece. I was able to pull off the Pittsburgh story because our flight to Venice was laid over in Pittsburgh. When we got to the check-in, I handled the tickets with her at my side. She wasn't paying attention to the flight attendant so I was able to keep the surprise all the way to the Pittsburgh airport. When we landed in Pittsburgh, we both started walking toward the baggage claim, but when our gate veered off the other way, so did I. She asked me what I was doing. I asked her if she enjoyed her honeymoon trip to Pittsburgh, because ‘now I'm taking you someplace better.' She gave me a puzzled look and followed me. When we got to the next gate, she started crying when she saw that it was going to Venice. I handed her passport to her and said, ‘Venice is our first stop. Then Athens, then Turkey, then Crete.' I've never seen anyone so happy while crying. It was a perfect surprise and a perfect honeymoon."

Matt – Loveland, OH

U.K. AdventureJim – Riverside, CA

U.K. Adventure

"It has been a dream of ours to visit Scotland and Wales and through RCI our dream came true! We were able to exchange our week for Scotland and we purchased an Extra Vacation for Wales. Our condos were located in areas where we could easily take day trips to explore the country. We saved money by packing lunches and cooking meals. We met the locals in the markets and learned about their foods and how to prepare them. The land and people are beautiful and we would return in a heartbeat. We had a wonderful time with memories that will last a lifetime. Our experience was so great that we have exchanged for a week in Ireland for 2010. Can't wait to have our "Ireland Adventure"!"

Jim – Riverside, CA

My Trip to NYCSusan – Auburndale, MA

My Trip to NYC

"It was February of 2002 and my husband and I had exchanged our Maui vacation week for a week in New York City at The Manhattan Club. Seems like a weird exchange -- giving up a week in paradise for a wintry week in NYC, but it was awesome! My parents joined us for a few days and we went to Broadway plays, got soup from the "Soup Nazi", walked the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Ground Zero (only a few months old at that time), and explored the different neighborhoods of Manhattan. The coolest thing, though, was that an enormous snowstorm blanketed the city and basically shut it down! We could walk down the middle of the streets since traffic could not get through. The city was so quiet, it was almost eerie (but actually it was peaceful). We went to see the Letterman show live, and Dave arrived on a snowmobile! RCI has given us a lot of fun and fabulous vacations over the years! The NYC one will always be one of our favorites."

Susan – Auburndale, MA

Spain & Portugal 2007Laura – Sacramento, CA

Spain & Portugal 2007

"I have always wanted to go to Spain, and through the help of a very good RCI agent I got 2 weeks in Spain at a very quaint 2-bedroom timeshare that was like a little cute apartment, and 1 week in Portugal at another timeshare resort from my deposited Points for the place I own on Kauai!! Three weeks' travel for one week of ownership.... priceless!"

Laura – Sacramento, CA

Ft. Lauderdale 2009Dorothy – St. Louis, MO

Ft. Lauderdale 2009

"I have been a member for 25 years. My son, his girlfriend and I went to Fort Lauderdale this [past] August. We saw Disney, did the casino at Hollywood and [saw] many beaches down the coast. Everyone was friendly. We saved money, got a tan, and saw the sights. RCI has always treated me right. I am patient and get the exchanges I want in places I want to go. Membership is a real plus. "

Dorothy – St. Louis, MO

The 1980'sAnne Marie – Uriah, AL

The 1980's

"I joined RCI in the mid 80's and my sister and I (both single) went on to travel the world with RCI's guidance and help. Being single, we traveled to many of the world's most romantic spots - Rome, Paris, Venice, Vienna, etc. RCI helped us to live out our fantasies by leaving home and experiencing the most fabulous destinations anyone can possibly imagine. Anyone giving travel a chance through RCI's programs cannot be disappointed... It has truly been a dream come true for me for well over thirty years now. Thank you RCI."

Anne Marie – Uriah, AL

Fall Colors 2009Patricia – Anaheim, CA

Fall Colors 2009

"We are new to RCI! Last week I called to book some bonus time for our anniversary coming up in October. Being a photographer at heart, I am interested in shooting the fall colors in Vermont for the first time! Our agent was able to book us into the Brownsville property and now we're looking forward to a wonderful getaway for our 23rd anniversary. Thanks RCI! P.S. We're also heading to Williamsburg on the same trip hoping to "brush up" on our nation's history!"

Patricia – Anaheim, CA

Meeting British Pen PalsCarole – Denville, NJ

Meeting British Pen Pals

"We are RCI members and owners at Silver Lake. This past summer we vacationed at Silver Lake with my pen pal from England, her husband, and her granddaughter. We have been pen pals since we were 9 years old, which is 51 years ago, and we had been pen pals for 30 years before we ever met! We got along famously and have been vacationing together for years. We had promised her granddaughter that in 2009, when she was 9 years old, she could come to America to experience Walt Disney World in Orlando. It was her first trip to America. We all had a wonderful time at Silver Lake. During our stay in Orlando, my pen pal and her husband purchased a timeshare at Orange Lake. So now we both own timeshares. This was not the first time we had vacationed at a timeshare with my pen pal and her husband. RCI has been instrumental in securing beautiful vacation spots for us over the many years we have been with them. We celebrated out 50 year anniversary of being pen pals last year at the Morritt's Grand timeshare in the Cayman Islands. It was actually the second time we vacationed there with them. We also vacationed at a timeshare in Malaga, Spain with them many years ago. They always loved the beautiful timeshares they stayed at with us, and I knew it was just a matter of time before they would purchase one. We now look forward to many wonderful vacations around the world with my pen pal from England! RCI has been very helpful in getting us the exchanges we requested in order to share our experience with our friends from England. And now our friends are also members of RCI. Thank you RCI for all the wonderful memories you have given to two ladies that began a friendship as little girls half way across the world 51 years ago!"

Carole – Denville, NJ

Florida Spring BreakWendy – Lansing, MI

Florida Spring Break

"We bought a timeshare in South Africa a few years ago for a great price. We use our timeshare to exchange through RCI and go to FL on spring break every year. We've always stayed at great resorts and never had any problems. The RCI online exchange is a great tool to search for your vacation and the information RCI sends to you is very helpful with detailed information on the resort. Once our kids are out of school, we look forward to many vacations at various times of the year to exchange our timeshare through RCI."

Wendy – Lansing, MI

The RCI ExperienceRodger – Indianola, IA

The RCI Experience

"We have been RCI members for 15 years and in that time we have experienced vacations that we would have never been able to afford unless we were timeshare owners and members of RCI. My kids have been on vacations that I or my wife never experienced as children. I love the fact that all I have to do is pick up the phone or log on to the computer and my trip is just minutes away. Most people wonder how my family can afford such elegant vacations. I always explain the benefits of being an RCI member and am happy to say that I have brought a number of customers to RCI who are now enjoying the great benefits that I have known for years. Keep up the great job, RCI. I look forward to years of wonderful vacationing and you are a big part of that. Thanks."

Rodger – Indianola, IA

Rhode Island Trip 2009Louis – Naylor, GA

Rhode Island Trip 2009

"We have been RCI members since 1982. Last month we had an amazingly wonderful vacation in Newport, RI at the Wellington. What is really exciting is that was the 50th state for us. In 47 years of marriage, we have now been to all 50 states (Rhode Island was the last), and over half of those have been timeshare vacations – vacation exchanges through RCI. The timeshares we own at the Mariner Beach Club in St. Pete Beach, FL and our membership with RCI have been some of the best money spent in our lifetime!"

Louis – Naylor, GA

Mombassa, AfricaBetty – Layton, UT

Mombassa, Africa

"We stayed in Mombassa, Africa at a RCI Gold Crown resort and loved the local tribes' entertainment every night. The Massai tribe was exceptional, and we loved the high jumping they did. My husband went diving and saw a 25-foot whale shark. It was a fantastic experience. Thanks RCI."

Betty – Layton, UT

South Pacific TripAnita – Aberdeen, MD

South Pacific Trip

"My husband and I toured the South Pacific for eight weeks in seven timeshares. It took two years to get the reservations lined up and the same person guided us through the whole process. She was as excited as I was when, six weeks before departure, the last reservation came through. It was in Kauai, and we purchased while we were there so we would not have to wait in line again. Our first stop was Tahiti, followed by New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. There is no way we could have afforded a trip like that without the timeshares.

We had bad weather in Fiji so we left early. Arriving early in Hawaii, we had no reservations. A call to RCI and we went to Maui for the days before Kauai. Until he passed away, Bill and I went back to Pahio at Kaeo Kai three times and I've taken friends twice."

Anita – Aberdeen, MD

GermanyStacie – Tucson, AZ


"My husband is a huge World War 2 buff and I love European travel. In an attempt to satisfy both of our needs, we searched for an RCI resort in Western Europe. We were lucky to find a beautiful place in southwestern Germany. We had a lovely home base while we took day trips to the castles, quaint towns, Bavaria, the Black Forest, Dachau, and several landmarks from the war. We both had the time of our lives! Without RCI, we probably would have been too intimidated with the language barrier and limited knowledge of the area. But we knew we could trust the reviews and description from the website. We hope to go back someday – with or without the two children we've had since then."

Stacie – Tucson, AZ

Childhood with RCIShaun – Westport, MA

Childhood with RCI

"My parents were RCI members and every year we would go on vacation. Most of the time it was in Cape Cod at Brewster Green, which is a beautiful place with lots to do. We usually ended up here due to the fact my brother was handicapped and it was a driving distance away. I remember bringing friends with me and playing basketball, tennis, racquetball, biking, swimming, and horseback riding. Now that I'm older I decided to get my own timeshare and use RCI to enjoy vacations of my own with different memories, and yes – I even brought my parents with me once. It was a good time though, I must admit. I have been part of RCI for 3 years now and its one of the best things I have done. I have yet to stay at the resort where my timeshare is at even though it's a beautiful place. But I love to travel and want to see as much as I can. I have had the luxury of staying at Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and Virginia thus far and they have all been worthwhile. Thanks for the memories RCI. Hope everyone else gets the same satisfaction with their timeshare as I have."

Shaun – Westport, MA

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