RCI® Subscribing Members love All-Inclusive vacations! The answers to the following frequently asked questions show you all the great benefits of an All-Inclusive vacation. You’ll find the information you need to discover why an All-Inclusive resort vacation is one of the best vacation choices you can make!

Why should I confirm at an all-inclusive resort?
We believe that all-inclusive resorts provide one of the best vacation experiences available! Not only can an all-inclusive resort meet many of your unique needs and provide you with quality services, but an all-inclusive resort can do all of that at relatively reasonable prices. Your RCI subscribing membership offers you access to a host of different destinations with numerous types of all-inclusive resorts offering multiple activities and amenities where people of all ages can enjoy an amazing vacation experience.

What can I expect at an all-inclusive resort?
All-inclusive packages vary by resort, as each resort offers its own unique services and amenities. However many all-inclusive resort packages offer the following:

• All meals and snacks - generous buffets, full service restaurants, snack bars, and MORE
• Unlimited beverages - many even include alcohol
• Resort activities - such as pools, beaches, snorkeling, windsurfing boards, and MORE
• Friendly service - from check-in to check-out, your resort staff will provide you with the friendly service you desire
• Hotel transfers - included transportation can vary, so check with RCI or the resort for details
• Children's activities - many resorts offer kids' clubs and/or planned children's activities
• Maximum convenience - there's no need to bring your wallet to the pool, it's an all-inclusive...convenience is included too!

In other words, all of your typical vacation costs are pre-paid and included in the all-inclusive fee. The resort listings on this site highlight exactly what is covered and what would involve an additional fee, such as certain resort activities, like golf or the spa.

How much can I anticipate spending on an all-inclusive vacation?
The costs associated with vacationing at an all-inclusive resort will vary depending on the resort and the season. Our goal is to help you select the vacation that best suits your needs, as we believe there is an all-inclusive resort to suit every taste and budget.

We do not intend to eat excessively or drink a lot while on vacation, is an all-inclusive resort experience still the right vacation for my family?
If you planned to stay at a non-all-inclusive resort you would still need to budget for meals and beverages. In addition, most families would likely participate in at least one day of activities. All-inclusive resorts are not only about food and drinks. They provide an atmosphere that ranges from non-stop fun and constant activity to one of complete relaxation and tranquility. There is often a variety of activities for all ages and preferences, depending on what you're in the mood for each day.

We prefer a non all-inclusive resort because we are on a tight budget.
Having a fixed budget is one of the best reasons to stay in an all-inclusive resort as you will not have to spend your vacation worrying about how much drinks, food, or activities will cost. You won’t have to be concerned with the cost of every single drink or dish you wish to order. For many families it is the most convenient way of traveling.

Is there something for me if I am on a diet?
There are always great options available for those following a diet or for those who just choose to eat more healthy. This often includes food offerings such as low fat foods like fruits, salads, vegetables, soups, and steamed dishes, all of which are offered throughout the day and night. In addition, you will also find plenty of activities available that will keep you moving all day long!

We prefer nicer dinners than burgers, fries and beer.
In addition to poolside snack bars, many all-inclusive resorts also offer gourmet a la carte restaurants with exquisite cuisine from different countries. Don’t be surprised to find elegant dishes from Northern Italy or France on the menu and other great Mexican and international themed restaurants at many all-inclusive resorts.

So is every all-inclusive resort the same?
No, each all-inclusive resort offers its own unique set of activities, restaurants, and amenities! For example, some resorts may offer a wider variety of amenities, "gourmet" food, and sometimes even include tours or fiestas. Some all-inclusive resorts may be adults only, and others may be geared towards families traveling with children. What is consistent from resort to resort is that almost all of the all-inclusive resorts offer a wide variety of services, restaurants, bars and facilities for you and your guests to enjoy.

Is it like going on a cruise?
It can be even better!!! With cruises you typically have to pay for your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, port charges, taxes and gratuities. But with an all-inclusive resort vacation, one fixed price often includes all of these types of expenses, services and much more.

What kind of activities can I find at an all-inclusive resort?
Many all-inclusive resorts have daily programs such as water and land sports, cultural activities, games and trivia, contests, tournaments, shows, nightly activities, entertainment, and more. Experience all you can at an all-inclusive resort!!!

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Depending on resort and season, all-inclusive fees may cover meals, drinks, tours, transportation, resort activities, resort amenities, services and facilities. Resorts with mandatory all-inclusive fees require the fees to be prepaid at or before check-in. A Member may not be able to purchase food or drink at a resort if he or she chooses not to pay an optional all-inclusive fee. Fees, terms and conditions of packages covered by an all-inclusive fee are determined solely by the resort and are subject to change at any time.

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