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Explore the world through vacation experiences, all by using the vacation property you already own! You can even bring your friends and family along for the ride. It’s all possible through the Wyndham Home ExchangeSM program.

what is Wyndham Home Exchange?

The Wyndham Home Exchange program is a vacation exchange program operated by RCI, LLC. It allows participating vacation rental owners the ability to exchange some of their vacation rental weeks for vacations at resort properties around the world.*

As part of the Wyndham Home Exchange program:

  • Resort Quest IconYour rental company still handles rentals of your vacation property.
  • World IconYou choose weeks to deposit, up to 5 from your vacation property, into the program in return for Points to exchange for vacations at resort properties around the world – no need to book a hotel!
  • Arrow IconThe weeks you deposit do not need to be the same as the weeks you travel. Want to take a spring vacation? You can deposit a summer rental week and still travel in the spring!
  • Calendar IconDepending on when you choose to deposit a week, you can have up to a 3 year travel window to book an exchange vacation with it!
  • TV IconIntroduction to Wyndham Home Exchange (Webinar). Find out how to deposit and exchange. Click here

And the best part is joining is FREE! You receive complimentary access to the program, no strings attached.

Wonder how all this is possible? As an owner with Wyndham Vacation Rentals you benefit from being a part of one of the largest hospitality brands in the world. Your affiliation provides you with the opportunity to access these amazing exchange vacations around the world. Just one of the many benefits of Wyndham Vacation Rentals.


what are the benefits?

Get more out of your vacation property than just rental income. Now you can have new vacation experiences and see the world, all by using your vacation home. Choose from thousands of spacious accommodations equipped with many of the conveniences and amenities of home. And the opportunities for travel are endless. Go on safari in South Africa, lay on the beach in the Caribbean or explore the history of ancient Europe - these are just a few of the countless types of vacation experiences available*. There’s something for everyone.

With the Wyndham Home Exchange program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Luggage IconContinue to visit your vacation home, yet have access to numerous other vacation options in spacious, well equipped accommodations with many of the conveniences of home.
  • World IconGet benefits from vacation weeks you aren't saving for personal use or renting by using them to vacation around the world at one of over 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries.*
  • People IconUse your vacation weeks to book an additional unit for friends and family to join you on vacation.
  • Arrow IconGift unused deposited weeks to friends or family to use for exchange vacations.**
  • More IconAnd much more…

This amazing opportunity is made available to you through Wyndham Vacation Rentals - there's never been a better time to be an owner! And what's even better is, joining is FREE!

Just one of the many benefits of being part of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals family.

You’ve got a whole world of vacations to gain!

how does it work?

It's simple! As part of the Wyndham Home Exchange program you will have access to the RCI® exchange vacation system, the largest exchange system in the world. All you need to do is choose up to 5 weeks to deposit with the Wyndham Home Exchange program, and, in return, you will receive Points that you can use toward unforgetable vacations at the over 4,000 resorts* available through the program.

Getting on vacation is easy*:

  1. Choose the week(s) you want to use for exchange and deposit them into the Wyndham Home Exchange program. You can do this by calling one of our experienced guides at 1-888-724-7260.

  2. Once you have deposited your week(s) into the Wyndham Home Exchange program you will receive an allotment of Points to use toward booking vacations at different properties around the world.

  3. Search online at and use your Points to exchange for a vacation at any of the available resorts within your Points range.

And, using your Points couldn’t be simpler...

We give you Points because it gives you great flexibility to travel where you want, when you want.

When using your Points, you are not locked into traveling during the same week as the week you deposited. For that matter, you are not locked in to staying for a week either! You can deposit a week in the winter and exchange for a week in the summer. Break up your Points and use some to stay just a couple of nights or use all of them to book a few weeks. You can even save Points to use next year. The choice is yours!


The terms and conditions of RCI Points® subscribing membership apply to all Wyndham Home Exchange transactions and your use of the Wyndham Home Exchange program constitutes your acceptance of those terms.***

The first step to exploring the world with the Wyndham Home Exchange program is depositing your weeks, so deposit today!

Get Started

The first step to getting on vacation with the Wyndham Home Exchange program is to deposit your weeks and get your Points.

To deposit your weeks call a vacation guide at 1-888-724-7260

Once you have deposited, you're ready to start exploring your vacation options! The easiest way to manage your account and search for your vacations is online at So make sure to register as soon as you receive your ID number.

Once you're registered you can:

  1. Check your current Points balance and account information in the "My Account" tab

  2. Explore the more than 4,000 resorts through the Resort Directory

  3. And get started planning your next vacation!

Click here to get started!

Don't wait! Get started today and discover the world of vacation opportunity available to you through the Wyndham Home Exchange program.

*Subject to availability and your accessible Points balance. These vacations are limited. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. All-inclusive resorts may charge a mandatory all-inclusive fee. Promotional discounts and offers may not apply to all properties. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.

** A fee applies when purchasing Guest Certificates

***There are no Network Dues for Wyndham Home Exchange participants and certain other benefits of the RCI Points Exchange program are not available. Exchange transaction and other fees apply.

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