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These properties consist of stand-alone homes, villas, condos and other types of vacation experiences. The check in process, decor, on-site services and vacation experience may vary from property to property and can be different from the RCI timeshare experience. Vacation Home owners often use many of their weeks throughout the year and do not deposit all 52 weeks a year. Therefore, availability may be limited.

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Your RCI exchange options may be greater then you realize. In addition to the timeshare resorts you typically book, you also have access to vacation experiences at amazing vacation homes around the world*! Spend a romantic vacation in a cottage for two or book a villa and plan a family reunion. The choice is yours, and it’s available to you through your RCI subscribing membership.

What are Vacation Homes on RCI.com?

Vacation Homes are wholly owned vacation properties, all 52 weeks are owned by the same person vs multiple owners. They consist of stand-alone homes, villas, condos and other types of vacation properties, which can provide a different type of vacation experience than a timeshare resort. RCI, through an affiliation with Wyndham Vacation Rentals, has developed a program that allows certain vacation homes to be deposited for exchange into RCI’s exchange system. Some of these homes were previously unavailable as exchange options and are now available for exchange to RCI members. These are great opportunities to explore the world in a whole new way!

How Do I Find These Properties on RCI.com?

Searching for these great vacation properties on RCI.com is easy! Simply go to RCI.com and click on the “Resort Directory” tab. Once there, you can search for these properties in two ways:

1 Search for Vacation Homes Only

At the top of the search results screen you will see the option to look at all of the available Vacation Homes. Click on the button and your search results will display only available Vacation Home exchange options.

Search Vacation Homes

You can still narrow down your search by location, experience and date as you normally would and see if there are any available Vacation Homes that meet your criteria. You can also choose to see all available Vacation Homes regardless of destination and travel dates by clicking on the Vacation Home button before narrowing down your search results. The choice is yours!

2 Search All Available Properties and Look for the Vacation Homes Icon

Home IconIf you choose to search for all available exchange options, you can identify which properties are Vacation Homes by looking for the house icon (left).

orange arrow Important Note: Owners do not typically deposit all 52 weeks for exchange into the RCI system so availability for each home will be limited.

How Are These Properties Different Than Those Available Through a Standard RCI Timeshare Exchange?

Since these properties are often individually owned and managed, the check in process, decor, on-site services and vacation experience may vary from property to property and can be different from the RCI timeshare experience. The vacation home may be located in a resort community with lots of amenities, a bustling city with attractions right outside your door or small town away from the city center where you can enjoy some relaxation.

Some of the main differences you may experience are:

orange arrow Varying bedroom sizes, kitchen amenities and property layout

orange arrow Often no on-site maintenance, front desk or restaurant

orange arrow Distance to the nearest town or grocery store may vary

Think of them like the homes on your street. Your neighbors have different tastes in layout and décor and their houses probably don’t look like yours, but they are still great places to stay.

What Will the Booking and Check-In Process Be Like?

Vacation Homes are booked for exchange in the exact same way you would book any exchange with RCI. Simply go to RCI.com or call the call center and book your vacation.

Checking-in will vary from property to property. Some of the Vacation Homes similar to timeshare resorts will have a front desk and a check-in procedure similar to what you typically experience. However, many of the stand alone homes require check-in directly with the home owner. The check-in requirements will be described in your exchange confirmation letter and may involve contacting the home owner prior to traveling to arrange a plan for check-in and key exchange.

Are There Any Additional Fees That I Will Need to Pay for a Vacation Home?

There may be certain fees required by the home owner for housekeeping, security deposits or other ancillary services. Depending on the property, payment of security deposits and fees may need to be handled directly with the home owner and should be arranged when making check-in plans. All of the required fees, check in information, and payment requirements will be listed in the “Important Information” section of the unit description on RCI.com or can be discussed with an RCI Guide. Be sure to confirm whether payments can be made by credit card or cash.

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Important Note: When booking a Vacation Home located outside of the U.S. the home owner may require any cash payments be made in the local currency. Make sure to discuss with the home owner when making a check-in plan what the requirement is for payment so you can be prepared.

Who Do I Call If I Have Questions or Problems While on Vacation?

If at any point prior to or during your vacation you have a question or problem that the home owner cannot handle call an RCI Vacation Guide for help at 1-800-338-7777.

Check out the Vacation Home experience available to you on RCI.com

* These vacations are limited. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.