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If your requested vacation isn’t immediately available, you have the ability to request that we (RCI) search on an ongoing basis for your desired vacation! Go online to start your ongoing search today. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Search for a Vacation tab.
  2. Search for your vacation, and if it isn’t available, click the area to the right that looks like this:
  3. Enter your criteria, pay the Exchange fee, and start searching!
  4. If we don’t find what you’re looking for, your Exchange fee is fully refunded.

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Would you like to learn additional information about Trading Power?

If you’ve ever spoken with an RCI Vacation Guide, or received membership information from RCI, you’ve probably heard or seen the following recommendation, “Deposit Early to Maximize Your Trading Power”. You’ve probably also asked yourself, “What exactly does that mean?".

We’re here to tell you what Trading Power is, why it’s so important to Deposit Early, and we'll tell you exactly when your deposit is considered "Early".

The (Trading) Power of Knowledge

According to the RCI Disclosure Guide, Trading Power is "The value assigned by RCI to Vacation Time upon a Deposit and used by RCI to fulfill an Exchange Request."

So in essence, your Trading Power is the value assigned by RCI to your week at the time of Deposit, which determines what Exchange availability you see when you search for an Exchange vacation. Thus, it is used by RCI to fulfill your Exchange requests.

That probably helps, but if you're like many other members, you're now wondering:

  • "What exactly is a Deposit?"
  • "How does Trading Power determine the value of my Deposit?"
  • "What is an Exchange request?"
  • "When do I need to deposit for it to be considered early enough for me to help maximize my
  • Deposit's Trading Power?"


    You own a week at this resort                and decide to Deposit it with RCI so that you can Exchange it for another vacation.

    Upon depositing, RCI assigns a value to your vacation time, which is based on the answers to the following questions:

    1. What is the Classification, Demand, Supply, and Utilization for your specific Deposit,
      your resort and the region?
      • Classification: Did you deposit a resort, a boat, or an RV?
      • Demand - How many members want your deposit?
      • Supply - How many similar deposits do we already have?
      • Utilization - How many deposits like yours have been confirmed by other members in the past?

    2. What season do you own?
    3. What size and type of unit is it?
    4. What are the comment card scores for your resort?
    5. How far in advance are you depositing?
    6. - NOTE: By depositing 2 years to 9 months before the start date of your week, you can help maximize your Deposit's Trading Power.

    Based on the above components, your deposit is assigned Trading Power.


    1. Deposit early:

    By Depositing 2 years to 9 months in advance of the start date of your week, you can help maximize the Trading Power of your Deposit.

    2. Request an Exchange (early) that is similar to your Deposit:


    By searching for an Exchange as early as possible, that is similar to what you Deposited, you can maximize the availability you see and attempt to secure it before demand exceeds supply!

    So why does RCI have Trading Power in the first place?

    Trading Power is a way to help RCI get you a fair Exchange that is comparable to the week you deposited. By assigning Trading Power RCI can help members find vacations similar to the ones they already own.

    Ready to apply your new knowledge?

    Go to today >> or call an RCI Vacation Guide at 1-800-338-7777

    *Subject to availability based on value-for-value vacation exchange principles.
    *RCI exchange program usage impacts Trading Power.
    In certain circumstances, Trading Power criteria is waived for exchanges.