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Every week in the RCI® system the Exchange Trading Power value is assigned to all resorts with availability. This Exchange Trading Power is compared to your Deposit Trading Power to determine which exchange vacations are available to you.*

What Is Exchange Trading Power?

Exchange Trading Power is the value assigned to all resort weeks available for exchange in the RCI® system. Unlike Deposit Trading Power, which stays the same once a week is deposited, Exchange Trading power is always changing based on supply, demand and utilization at the time of the vacation search. For example, if you are searching for an Exchange vacation in Colorado during ski season the Exchange Trading Power required is generally going to be higher than if you were to search for the same destination in the spring.

When you search for available exchanges you will see the Exchange Trading Power for each property listed to the right.

  • Tip: When searching for your exchange, you can choose to search for all exchange options that are available in the system or only the exchange options that are equal to or less than the trading power of your deposit.

 Can I See the Exchange Trading Power of an Exchange I Want?

Yes. You have two options for determining the trading power of an exchange vacation.

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Search for an available exchange: When searching for an available Exchange vacation you will be able to see the Exchange Trading Power needed to book that vacation. In some cases you may see a range of Exchange Trading Powers listed when looking at available exchange units. This will happen when there are different exchange options available at the resort. Options include:

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Multiple Dates Available: If you did not search for a particular date, or only chose a month and year, and there are exchanges available for multiple start dates you will see the Exchange Trading Power needed to get into each of those dates

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Multiple Unit Types Available: If you did not search for a particular unit type and there are multiple available, such as a studio and a 2 bedroom, you will see the Exchange Trading Power needed to get into each of those exchange units

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Use the Exchange Planner: The new Exchange Planner tool, available at, can help give you an idea of how much Deposit Trading Power you will need to get the exchange you want. Simply type in the area you would like to travel to, the time of year you want to go and the unit size you will need and the Exchange Planner will show you the historic Exchange Trading Power value needed for your particular search.***.

  • Tip:The Exchange Planner can be found under the Manage Deposit tab when you are logged into

Do I Always Need to Book an Exchange with Trading Power Equal to My
Deposit Trading Power?

No. In fact if you book an exchange with less Exchange Trading Power then your Deposit Trading Power you will receive a Deposit Credit for the difference in trading power, to use however you want. Click here to find out more about Deposit Credits and how to use them.

Will I Ever Be Able to Exchange into A Vacation with Higher Exchange
Trading Power than I Have?

Yes! As part of the new enhancements you are able to combine two or more Deposits, or Deposit Credits, to increase your Deposit Trading Power and get access to exchanges you didn’t before. Click here to find out more about Combined Deposits.

You can also use the Exchange Planner to identify when your desired exchange is available at a lower Exchange Trading Power. You may be able to use your Deposit to get on the vacation you really want without combining.

 Important Things to Remember About Exchange Trading Power

  • Exchange Trading Power is dynamic and changes over time based on supply, demand and utilization. What you see today may be different later.
  • You can search for exchange vacations regardless of Exchange Trading Power but can only confirm an exchange with equal or less Exchange Trading Power than your Deposit Trading Power, unless you choose to combine multiple Deposits!
  • Use the Exchange Planner to help you determine the historical Deposit Trading Power for a specific region or time period

Ready to start searching for an exchange? Go to and get started! »

* These vacations are limited. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. All-inclusive resorts may charge a mandatory all-inclusive fee. Promotional discounts and offers may not apply to all properties. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.

**Call Center hours are based on local times for RCI subscribing members in the continental United States, western Canada and central Canada. For members in Hawaii and Alaska Call Center hours are based on Pacific Time. For members in the Caribbean and Atlantic Canada Call Center hours are based on Eastern Time.

***The Exchange Planner is not a guarantee of what is available to RCI subscribing members today. Rather, it is a tool to aid members in planning future vacations.