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How can I book the Exchange vacation that's perfect for me? By following these 4 simple steps...
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Your vacation ownership, combined with your RCI membership, enables you to experience vacation destinations around the world. Get INSIDE your membership today to get on vacation tomorrow!

Step 1. Deposit Early

The first step in exchanging is depositing! It’s important to remember that your Deposit Trading Power will often impact your available exchange options. Depositing early, can positively impact the trading power of your deposit. Click here >> to view the INSIDE RCI tips on how and when to deposit.

Step 2. Plan Early

As soon as the travel bug hits you, visit Just keep in mind that the Trading Power needed for an exchange will vary based on supply and demand, so plan early! Insider Tip: Sometimes the best exchange vacations are the ones you didn’t know you were going to take. Get online and search around…we’ll help you find the vacation that’s perfect for you.

Step 3. Identify Your Vacation Priorities

But remember, being flexible will help you get the most from your vacation planning experience.

Date Specific: Are you tied to specific dates?

Search By List

At you can see all exchange availability that’s available for a specific date using the calendar filter. Just select the range of dates you can travel, and you’ll see ALL your available exchange vacations.

Click here >> to see a tutorial of how to use the vacation search filters on

Experience Specific: Are you tied to a specific type of Vacation Experience?

Think about what you want from your vacation. Here are some of the most popular search options that help members like you find the perfect vacations:

In the Vacation Types filter, search for an exchange by

  • Beaches
  • Casinos/Gambling
  • Family Vacations
  • Golf
  • Health Spas
  • Lakes
  • Scuba
  • Skiing

Region Specific: Are you tied to a specific region?

Do you want to stay close to home or travel abroad? Search the world, or just beyond your back door, with the click of a button.

When viewing your search results you will see the trading power needed for an exchange vacation at a specific resort and week listed with the resort information. In order to confirm that vacation, the Exchange Trading Power of the vacation must be equal to or less than the trading power of your deposit. If you book a vacation with less Exchange Trading Power than your Deposit Trading Power, you will receive a Deposit Credit for the difference between the Deposit Trading Power and Exchange Trading Power. If you find a vacation you really want, but the Deposit Trading Power needed is higher than your Deposit's trading power you may be able to combine deposited weeks and/or Deposit Credits to get that exchange. Click here to learn more about Combined Deposits.

Step 4. Select your perfect exchange vacation, and make it your own.

Available Units

Booking on can save you time and money, AND it’s easier than ever. Upon completion of Steps 1-3, you’ll hopefully find a vacation that meets your needs, and is available. Just click the “Available Units” button to book your vacation!

If your ideal vacation isn’t available yet, you can start an Ongoing Search so that RCI will continue searching for you 24/7, notifying you once a match is found.

Ready to apply your new knowledge?

Go to today >> or call an RCI Vacation Guide at 1-800-338-7777

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