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Deposit Credits are a great way to increase your Deposit Trading Power without giving up a full week. If you have a Deposit Credit on your account consider using it first when combining.

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Now you can get access to even more vacation* options than ever before! With the ability to combine your Deposits you will have access to exchange vacations you otherwise wouldn’t have had. This is just part of the improved vacation options that RCI is providing you.

What EXACTLY is a Combined Deposit?

Combined Deposits allow you to combine multiple deposits or Deposit Credits for a fee, and turn them into one combined "week" with higher trading power. Each of your Deposited weeks, combined Deposits or Deposit Credits has a Deposit Trading Power assigned to it. When you combine any of these, they appear as one week with a new higher Deposit Trading Power. You can then book an exchange that requires more trading power than your original week had. You might be able to book a vacation you never thought possible! It's a great way to get that extra special vacation you've been dreaming of.

Combined Deposits Trading Power

How Do Combined Deposits Work?

When you are in the "Manage Deposits" tab on you will be able to see all of your Deposits including Combined Deposits and Deposit Credit's and their trading power. You can then choose to combine them for a fee.

deposited weeks

You can select as many of your Deposits or Deposit Credits as you would like to combine to get the exchange you want. When clicking on eligible deposits or Deposit Credits, the total trading power of the Combined Deposits and the new travel window will appear on the right of the screen. Once you select the Deposits or Deposit Credits you would like to combine, simply confirm you choice and pay the combine fee.

Eligible Deposits to Combine

Your newly combined Deposits will then appear on your “Manage Your Deposits” screen as a “Combined Deposit” which can be used like a regular Deposit. It is important to note that the individual weeks, or Deposit Credits you combined will no longer be visible on the "Manage Your Deposits" screen as individual weeks. The travel window for the new Combined Deposit will be 2 years from the date combined. For example, if you combine two weeks on December 1, 2013 your new Combined Deposit will have a travel through date of December 1, 2015.

What Are my Options For Combining Deposits?

When combining Deposits you have a few options:

  • Combine a Deposit Credit with another Deposit Credit
    Suggested Use: If you have multiple Deposit Credits and using one will not get you the vacation you want, you can combine them to get a new deposit with a higher trading power..
  • Combine a Deposit Credit with a Deposited week
    Suggested Use: If you have a Deposit with enough trading power to exchange into the resort you want but would like a larger unit size OR if you need just a little extra trading power to get you into that resort, combine your Deposit Credit with a full week Deposit.
  • Combine two or more full weeks
    Suggested Use: If you do not have any Deposit Credits or it’s a special occasion and using any one of your existing Deposits will not get you the vacation you really want, you can combine two or more full weeks.

Tip: Make sure the vacation you want is available for the dates you want it before you combine two full weeks.

Remember, a maximum of 10 Deposits and/or Deposit Credits can be combined in one transaction. If possible, we suggest using Deposit Credits to combine first so you don’t have to use two full weeks for one vacation.

How Long Does it Take Before I Can Use My Combined Deposit?

You can use it right away! Once you select the weeks you want to combine and pay the combine fee, you will be able to use the Combined Deposit right away. There is no wait time required!

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* These vacations are limited. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. All-inclusive resorts may charge a mandatory all-inclusive fee. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.

**You must pay a fee to combine Deposits and/or Deposit Credits. The fee will be charged each time you complete a combining transaction. There is no limited to the number of Deposits and/or Deposit Credits you can combine in one transaction.

***Call Center hours are based on local times for RCI subscribing members in the continental United States, western Canada and central Canada. For members in Hawaii and Alaska Call Center hours are based on Pacific Time. For members in the Caribbean and Atlantic Canada Call Center hours are based on Eastern Time.