How can I choose the Vacation Booking Option that's perfect for me? By using these available options...
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How helpful was this Inside RCI® page?

Types of Vacation Booking Options

As an RCI member, you have three main vacation booking options which provide you with more choices and increased flexibility. The Enhanced Online Search Experience on simplifies the vacation planning process by giving you access to see Exchange, Extra VacationsSM, and Last CallSM vacations all at once. Go to the "Search for a Vacation" tab at to begin. But before you do, here's an overview of each vacation booking option.

What is an Exchange vacation?

An RCI exchange vacation is the result of trading your deposited vacation time for another available vacation. When searching for an RCI exchange vacation, you have access to a selection of thousands of resorts*! You can search online anytime and save $10 off the call center exchange fee when you book online. You can even customize your search to find your ideal Exchange vacation using any combination of 16 unique search options.

  • Exchange your week for an exchange vacation with trading power equal to your Deposit
       Trading Power
  • Exchange your week for an exchange vacation with lower trading power than your
       Deposit Trading Power and receive a Deposit Credit for the difference between the
       Deposit Trading Power and Exchange Trading Power, that can be used toward a future
  • If you have Deposit Credits or two or more weeks deposited, combine them to increase
       the amount of Deposit Trading Power you can use at one time and exchange for a
       vacation with higher Exchange Trading Power.

And, we also offer additional tools for you to personalize your exchange even more:

  • Extend Your Deposit

    If you aren't able to take a vacation during the travel window of your deposit, you can extend your deposit for up to one additional year. Deposit Extensions start at $29 USD, and vary based on the extension term. Call a guide to extend your deposit at 1-800-338-7777

  • Combine Multiple Deposits

    If the vacation you want to confirm requires more Exchange Trading Power than your deposit, you can choose to combine multiple deposits (or Deposit Credits) to increase the Deposit Trading Power you can use at one time.

  • Opt for an Ongoing Search

    If your ideal vacation isn't available, simply start an ongoing search. We'll search 24/7 until we find a vacation that meets your needs. We'll notify you as soon as we find availability! You can now add, view, or modify your ongoing search anytime, online at

  • Add a Guest Certificate

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friends or family? Consider giving them the gift of vacation with an RCI Guest Certificate. Go online to the My Vacations section of to add a Guest Certificate to your confirmed vacation. Guest Certificate recipient must be 21 years of age or older. For additional information, or to print a Guest Certificate, click here >>

What's an Extra VacationsSM Getaway?

An Extra Vacations getaway gives you access to the timeshare resort vacation experience you've come to expect, without exchanging your vacation time! You can purchase a week (or more!) at the available destination of your choice, and you can choose from thousands of options. Why limit yourself to just one vacation when you have UNLIMITED access to Extra Vacations getaway weeks? Search for your Extra Vacations getaway online at!

  • Add a Guest Certificate

    An RCI Guest Certificate allows you to give the gift of vacation to your friends and family!

What's a Last CallSM Vacation?

A Last Call vacation is similar to an Extra Vacation getaway, but offers even more value! As with Extra Vacations getaways, you don't have to exchange your deposited vacation time, but with Last Call vacations you must book within 45 days of travel, and the prices are always $244-294 USD for the entire week! Get instant access to Last Call vacations online at Guest Certificates are also available for Last Call vacations.

Ready to apply your new knowledge? Go to today >> or call an RCI Vacation Guide at 1-800-338-7777.

*Subject to availability based on value-for-value vacation exchange principles.

**Certain restrictions apply. Please go to for more details.